December 10 & 17

For these two weeks there is no new assigned material! You should meet with your chevruta for a chazar-a-thon! Take your time to review the material, fill in the gaps and stretch yourselves and each other to own the pieces of the text that you’re able to own. Spend time reflecting: 

  • What is this sugya about? 
  • Why does the stamma use both svara and kra in our text? 
  • What is the stamma trying to tell us by using this verse twice for two different reasons?

If you and your chevruta are looking for some additional material in addition to your chazar-a-thon, you can download and learn pieces of the Supplemental Text Packet!

  • Some suggestions:
    • If you’re looking for…some practical ways this sugya has played out in Jewish law, check out The Rambam!
    • If you’re looking for…another place where this kra/svara structure appears, check out the sugya in Berakhot!
    • If you’re looking for…a confusing but kind of interesting conversation about פרוס + ש, check out the Maharsha (this is all in Rashi script!)

You can also find some readings about ‘svara,’ the sources of law/truth, and asmachta here on the Additional Readings page!

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