December 3

For shiur on December 3, please do chazara on the material we have learned so far and prepare the following text which begins where we left off on Bava Batra 9a last week:

אי בעית אימא קרא הכא כתיב הלא פרוס לרעב לחמך פרוס לאלתר וכדקרינן והתם כתיב כי תראה ערום וכסיתו כשיראה לך

  • Looking for supplemental texts? Download and learn pieces of the Supplemental Text Packet!
    • Some suggestions:
      • If you’re looking for…some practical ways this sugya has played out in Jewish law, check out The Rambam!
      • If you’re looking for…another place where this kra/svara structure appears, check out the sugya in Berakhot!
      • If you’re looking for…a confusing but kind of interesting conversation about פרוס + ש, check out the Maharsha (this is all in Rashi script!)
      • Fairies are here to dig into any of these with you!

Use the comment thread below to ask questions about the text, share your ideas, and continue the conversation from shiur!

One Comment on “December 3

  1. I see there’s a Rashi comment on the last two words of this sugya, כשיראה לך – but, there’s a ל in front of the first word; it’s written as “לכשיראה לך”. Is there some significance to this?

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