November 12

For shiur on November 12, please do chazara on the material we have learned so far and prepare the following text which begins where we left off on Bava Batra 9a last week:

אי בעית אימא סברא האי קא מבזי והאי לא קא מבזי אי בעית אימא קרא הלא פרוש לרעב לחמך בשי׳׳ן כתיב פרוש והדר הב ליה והתם כתיב כי תראה ערום וכסיתו כי תראה לאלתר

  • Y’all, this might look like a lot of words, but have no fear–there’s a lot of repetition!
  • If you ever find yourself looking for more material to explore with your chevruta, try the following:

Use the comment thread below to ask questions about the text, share your ideas, and continue the conversation from shiur!

One Comment on “November 12

  1. I’m confused about the vocalization for פרוש והדר (and the verb form). In recitation I think we’ve been saying “פָּרוֹשׁ וְהָדָּר” which looks to me like 3rd person past tense (הָדָּר at least; I’m not clear on פָּרוֹשׁ). But in the context of the translation, I’m wondering if it shouldn’t be in the imperative “פְּרוֹשׁ וְהַדֵּר”. I’m looking at Hebrew vowel patterns, so if it’s actually Aramaic I’m totally lost…

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