November 5

For shiur on November 5, please do chazara on the material we have learned so far and prepare the following text which begins two lines down from where we left off on Bava Batra 9a last week (note: if you want to read through the material we are skipping over, a we’d be happy to unpack it with you in Open Fairy Hours!):

אמר רב הונא בודקין למזונות ואין בודקין לכסות אי בעית אימא קרא ואי בעית אימא סברא

  • There are two comments from Rashi on this section that I recommend if you cover this material: בודקין למזונות and ואין בודקין לכסות (they are both underlined here on this .pdf of the daf).

Use the comment thread below to ask questions about the text, share your ideas, and continue the conversation from shiur!

2 Comments on “November 5

  1. Rachel, thanks for the question! This is actually the updated material for the week in order to focus on the juiciest parts, and Laynie sent a clarification email this morning just in case. Apologies for the confusion here!

  2. Hey everyone — it looks like this is different than what Laynie said at the end of shiur. I’m guessing that was correct and this will be for the following week?!

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