October 29

For shiur on October 29, please do chazara on the material from the previous week and prepare the following text from Bava Batra 9a, which begins where we left off:

ואע׳׳פ שאין ראיה לדבר זכר לדבר שנאמר ולא יחשבו את האנשים אשר יתנו את הכסף על ידם לתת לעושי המלאכה כי באמונה הם עושים

A few notes:

  • Please only, as always, do chazara on the material that you and your chevruta prepped. If we covered more in shiur than you prepped, that’s okay! Wherever you got to is absolutely perfect. Need a refresher on chazara? You’ll find step-by-step instructions here, or grab time with a Fairy during Open Fairy Hours!
  • This text contains a Torah verse! Use the Torah Or on the daf to try to find out which verse we’re in, and look it up in a Tanakh, or on Sefaria. Not sure what that is or how to figure it out? Email a Fairy for some support or sign up for Open Fairy Hours!

Use the comment thread below to ask questions about the text, share your ideas, and continue the conversation from shiur!

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