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Take a moment and introduce yourself!

  • What’s your name?
  • What pronouns do you use?
  • What land are you learning on?
  • Who’s your chevruta?
  • What’s something you’re feeling excited about as we begin our learning together?

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  1. Hello! My name is Chava. I use they/them pronouns. I live and learn in the Tohono O’odham territory (Tucson, AZ). My chevruta is Carol Prince.

    I am a parent, an anarchist, a writer and maker of things, and have spent the last year and half working at a Jewish History Museum. That experience has brought me to a reconnection to my Jewishness and Judaism that I had been longing for, but had not found a way to engage Judaism that felt connective or life giving. In Benay’s CRASH talk, I know that I spent a lot of time in option 2. I’m showing up at option 3 and it has been invigorating as well as hard. I have a lot of curiosity around Jewish sacred text and a desire to learn more. I’m rabbinate-curious and learning with SVARA feels like a powerful way to explore that curiosity.

  2. Hi all! I’m Jordan (she/they) and my chevrutah is Debra. I’m living and learning on Lenape land in central New Jersey. I’m applying to graduate programs at the moment, and will likely end up elsewhere within the year. I live with my partner and our cat, Ashrei. I’m excited to dive deep into text, and to connect with my Judiasm in a radical way; I’ve only in recent years started connecting my Judaism with my activism in other areas.

  3. Hi everyone, my name is Adam (he/him) and my chevruta is Jiayi. I live on the unceded territory of the Anishnaabeg nation (Gatineau, Quebec/Ottawa, Ontario) where I’m currently a first year graduate student in the University of Ottawa’s MA in Bilingualism Studies program. I moved here from Portland, Oregon (lands of the people of the Bands of Chinook, Clackamas, Cowlitz, Kalapuya, Kathlamet, Multnomah, Molalla, Tualatin, and Wasco) in November of last year.

    With regards to my identities (or at least the ones that are especially relevant to Svara), I’m trans, queer, black, and Jewish. I am really looking forward to getting to learn with everyone over the next seven weeks!

  4. Shulem Aleykhem, khaveyrim!

    My name’s Uriah and my pronouns are she/her, or you can also use he/him if you’re a lesbian. I currently live in Oakland, CA on Chochenyo Ohlone land. My khevruta is Shoshana Mackay.

    I’m originally from rural Illinois just within the greater Chicagoland area, and lived in Chicago for a few years where I studied writing and sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before moving to the Bay Area. I’m a trans butch lesbian, and I co-parent a mackeral tabby named Velvl with my girlfriend, Lydia, and I also have a pit mix named Ella. I’m currently a student at the University of California Berkeley on a leave of absence due to COVID. I study political science and Marxism/critical theory. Outside of that, I’ve done a lot of organizing around tenant power, food justice, and police and prison abolition.

    I attend a Renewal shul in the Bay called Kehilla. I am generally very stoked about Judaism. I’m disabled and neurodivergent. I love film, poetry, cooking for people, eating, trying new foods, herbalism, Yiddish, criticism, Marxism, ceramics, writing, sculpture, history, urban planning, and listening to and playing music. I’m really excited to apply my new decoding skills to these texts and come into closer relationship with them to understand my Judaism better, to connect with radical Jewish community, and to dedicate my time and energy to a more intimate relationship with HaShem and the world over.

    I look forward to getting to know you and I hope this finds you well,
    ~Uriah (she/her)

  5. I’m Robin (she/her). I learn from Minneapolis, MN; Dakota Sioux land. I have studied in chevruta in a number of contexts, mostly Mussar, but don’t have anyone I study with with regularly. I am excited to be be getting a Talmud chevruta. I retired last fall. The thing I like best about retirement is that it gives me time and energy to be curious about things. I’m excited to be learning Talmud and about the Svara community as I think about what my next adventure might be.

  6. Hi everyone! I’m Jiayi (she/they). I am learning on unceded Lenni-Lenape land in New Jersey, though I am actually from Singapore and spent most of the past few years in the greater Philly area. I do not currently have a chevruta, and am very much looking forward to it. I am so excited to immerse myself in a type of text study that is new to me and to deepen the root system that my Jewishness is becoming.

  7. Hi! I’m Aurelie (she/her). For the purposes of contributing to the Svara community, I’d say the identities I lead with are: feminine, trans, aspiring priestess, and community builder. My chevruta irl is Marett (although I might be assigned someone remote next week). I’m going to be studying from Leipzig, Germany where we’ve created a small network of young Jewish folks studying about and queering Jewish holidays, and getting together for semi-regular Shabbat. I’m also in intimate contact with Jewish community builders in my home of Wantastiquet on occupied Abenaki land (so-called southern Vermont / western Massachusetts). I’m excited to challenge my sense of what is possible in terms of embodying and queering Jewish learning, especially as someone who was estranged from my Jewishness for a long time.

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