The digital dapim (pages of Talmud) below are provided to help you locate each week’s assignment while we are together in the Bet Midrash. You’re not responsible for learning any of the text below outside of our time together.

We encourage all learners to develop a relationship with the traditional printing of the Talmud by learning from a printed masechet (volume of Talmud) whenever possible. If you would benefit from enlarged text, print this PDF on 11×17 paper. (A copy shop can do this for you.)

Session 1 – February 2

In the opening session, Benay will present the CRASH Talk, SVARA’s foundational philosophy of human change; a road-map through transformation—societal, religious, organizational, or personal; a core framework for understanding the Talmud and the rabbinic revolution that gave rise to it; and a way for us to understand the big questions of the moment.

Session 2 – February 9

This week we will dive into the text of the Talmud, learning the line from the Mishnah on Yoma 83a bracketed on the daf below:

Session 3 – February 16

We will continue in the Mishnah on Yoma 83a where we left off last week:

Session 4 – February 23

We will again continue where we left off.

Session 5 – March 2

We will again continue where we left off, learning our last piece of this Mishnah before jumping into the Gemara next week.

Session 6 – March 9

We will move from our Mishnah to the Gemara on Yoma 85a:

Session 7 – March 16

We turn to Yoma 85b, to explore one of several responses to the previous week’s text:

Session 8 – March 23

We will not learn any new text this week. There will be plenty of time to review what we have learned in chevruta and continue our discussion in Shiur.