Feb. 2 Follow-Up

Dear SVARA-niks,

Wow! I had so much fun with y’all last night! There’s something about CRASH-ing together that makes me feel closer to the folks going through it with me and helping me work it out. I hope you feel a little bit that way, too. Going over the chat this morning, I was blown away by so many amazing insights. 

What a great start to our time together! And I feel so grateful to every one of you, for showing up in all of your Queer and Trans and loving fabulousness(es), and for…well, for creating the yeshiva of my dreams! Thank you!

And now, I can’t wait to start digging into our Talmud learning together next week, and having more of a chance to hear even more of your voices and swim in even more of your torah!

Just a reminder: Please do your best to attend every session—it’s hard to catch up once you fall behind, and your chevruta is depending on you to learn! If you do have to miss a session, please email you chevruta and James to let us know—otherwise we worry.

So…OK! Onto more practical matters! 

In this letter, you’ll find out who your chevruta (learning partner) and fairy will be, get follow-up information from last night, and learn what you’ll need for next week!


You can grab time to meet with your personal fairy, or any of the other fairies, or with Benay, for one-on-one learning support or conversation by scheduling it here in our Fairy Hours calendar.


The recording of last night’s CRASH Talk can be viewed here (password: queertalmud2021!). We ask that you keep this recording just for yourself and not distribute it to your friends and family or post it online.

Have you had a chance to check out the Queer Talmud for Beginner’s Mind online portal yet (password: talmud2021)?  This is where you can find all of the materials, assignments, Zoom link, and other goodies for our weekly learning. Please take a moment before our next session to go to the “About Y’all” page and introduce yourself to other SVARA-niks in our bet midrash!


  • Zoom Link
  • Dictionaries
    • Your Jastrow Dictionary 
    • Your Frank Dictionary 
  • A copy of Masechet Yoma (the book we sent you)
  • Your fall in love with your tradition. folder (we also sent this to you)
  • Your favorite writing implement

Can’t wait to start “getting gamirna” with y’all next week!

Sending so much SVARA love,

Benay, James & The SVARA Team