About Y’all

Take a moment and introduce yourself!

  • What’s your name?
  • What pronouns do you use?
  • What land are you learning on?
  • Who’s your chevruta?
  • What’s something you’re feeling excited about as we begin our learning together?

8 Comments on “About Y’all

  1. hi hi agnes here
    she / they
    on tongva, kizh, chumash land, aka los angeles
    i’m learning with the wise & luminous ezra furman
    & i’m here for this brilliant community, for thinking with heart and gut and so much tender feeling for language

  2. Hi, all!
    Dita (she/her) in Seattle on Duwamish Land
    @Jordan ….my last name is Appelbaum but I’m from the “el” tribe.
    My friend and chevruta Shelly and I are really enjoying learning with Svara in the MC and this, our second Shiur. Such a wonderful space to feel grounded and supported during the pandemic and hopefully beyond.

  3. Hi everyone! I’m Marisa, she/her, learning on Canarsee and Lenape land (Brooklyn, NY). My chevruta is the amazing Leah Staub. I am constantly inspired by the way that my fellow Svara-niks combine deep reverence for the process of learning and inquiry and deep irreverence for fossilized assumptions and old oppressive ways. This sensibility is something I’m trying to cultivate right now.

  4. What’s your name?
    What pronouns do you use?
    What land are you learning on?
    Massachusett & Pawtucket land
    Who’s your chevruta?
    The incomporable, stunning Agnes Borinsky
    What’s something you’re feeling excited about as we begin our learning together?
    I’m excited to see how deep each and every rabbit hole can go, how mundane details of language can open onto conceptual vistas. And I’m excited to be with you all.

  5. my name is miriam (mir), I use they/she pronouns.

    I am learning from, with, on, and in relationship with mni sota makoce, ancestral oceti sakowin / anishinaabeg land. part of this relationship involves reparations and mutual aid, without which land acknowledgements are hollow. check out https://instagram.com/giniwcollective, https://www.honorearth.org/, https://www.welrp.org/, https://www.migizi.org/.

    my khavruse is masha trius who is also my partner and co-parent.

    I’m excited, as always, about sustained/sustainable practice and study and the revolutionary potential of our tradition

  6. Hi, I’m Laura (she/her). I’m learning on the land of the Wappinger and Munsee Lenape peoples (Bronx, NY). My chevrusa is Gina, who I’m so happy to have met!

    I’m excited to remember that sometimes a small picture can have lots of beautiful details, and I don’t have to understand a whole masechet to understand something wonderful.

  7. Hey Everyone!
    I’m Sarah she/her/hers.

    This land belonged to the Wappinger tribe, now known as New York City. (this is a great website to show you which indigenous people lived on your land https://native-land.ca/)

    Yehudah is my chevruta.

    I really, really like talmud learning. That’s what brings me here!

  8. Hi I’m Jordan (they/them)!
    I’m currently learning on Kanaka ‘Oiwi land (Big Island, Hawaii).
    Betsy is my chevruta.
    I’m feeling ready for some re-grounding in Jewish community and a reminder that it continues to live throughout this disconnected time.

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