Assignment: Chevruta Prep

On February 15th, we’ll pick up with our self-facilitated weekly shiur, where we’ll be teaching each other the first sugya from Masechet Ta’anit. In the coming weeks, we’ll add a breakdown of the text with a place for you to sign up for the date(s) you’d like to teach.

For now, you and your chevruta should prep the first sugya (including the mishnah), through the word :פרנסה. You might need to schedule additional time to meet, or you might cover this material during your regularly scheduled chevruta. (Masechet Ta’anit should be arriving at your door any day now! If you have not received a copy of Masechet Ta’anit, please be in touch with James!)

  • Assignment: Masechet Ta’anit 2a-2b, from מאימתי מזכירין גבורות גשמים through :אמר לך גשמים היינו פרנסה

If you do not have a copy of the masechet, you can access the daf by downloading it from This site has clear printings from each daf, and is a great place to source the text you send out to your learners, so we recommend trying it out now! Use the dropdown menu on the right-hand side to select Ta’anit (תענית) and let the page load. Then select the daf number in the next drop-down menu.