Transforming Our Tradition: SVARA’s Siyum of Pirkei Avot

After over two years of incredible study, Mishnah Collective is about to wrap up its journey through Pirkei Avot! We’ll have three different opportunities to reflect on the learning and celebrate this extraordinary accomplishment.

Pre-Party: Pirkei Avot Chapter 6 Siyum
Thursday, June 2nd during Mishnah Collective
(1:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM CT / 10:30 AM PT) 

We’ll spend our 30 minutes together looking at some of the juiciest texts from Avot, reflecting on all the incredible learning, and spending some glittering time in chevrutah. ✨Same time, same link— register here!✨ 

Transforming Our Tradition: SVARA’s Siyum of Pirkei Avot
Thursday, June 2nd
(8pm ET / 7pm CT / 5pm PT)

SVARA’s daily drop-in Mishnah Collective has been learning Masechet Avot for a half hour daily since the wake of the pandemic in March 2020, and after breaking down and putting together each and every word, has completed the entire book. We (and the Talmud) will never be the same. Whether you’ve been with us each day, have never learned with us before, or anything in between, join us to celebrate this epic work of our community and witness the big reveal of what’s next. ✨Learn more and register here!

Siyum After Party
Friday, June 3rd during Mishnah Collective
(1:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM CT / 10:30 AM PT)

Join us for our last session of Mishnah Collective before we take a month-long break! We’ll have lots of chevrutah time, play a game, and revel in all your torah! ✨Same time, same link— register here!✨

Last but not least – we need your Torah!

We’re putting together a video to capture all of the incredible wisdom of Mishnah Collective participants and teachers! Whether you’ve attended once, read the emails, or have come every day since March 2020, we’d be so grateful to share your glittering brilliance! Please submit your video by May 27th. ✨ Learn more about the video and how to submit here.


Access note: SVARA’s Daily Drop-in Mishnah Collective is live-captioned. Please note that all SVARA programming, including Mishnah Collective, is for folks 18 and up.


Have any questions, concerns, comments, or concerns about Mishnah Collective? Contact Ren, the Mishnah Collective Coordinator, at [email protected]