Mishnah Collective Avot Video Submission Information

Calling all Mishnah Collective-ers,
past and present!

We’re putting together a video and we need YOUR Torah! Whether you’ve attended once, read the emails, or have come every day since March 2020, we’d be so grateful to share your wisdom!

Video Submission Explanation and Guidelines:

We hope you are as excited as we are to celebrate all that we’ve learned and taught in our journey through Mishnah Avot! We want to uplift your torah by creating a video extravaganza that compiles the glittering wisdom MC-ers have to share.

The world premie for the video will be during the Mishnah Collective Avot Party on June 2nd at 8pm ET | 7pm CT | 5pm PT. Learn more about the party and register here!

Prompts for videos:

Your submission can be you talking or signing your answers, a drash, a poem, a song, a dance…however you want to share your torah is perfect

  • What was your favorite text from Mishnah Avot?
  • Why did you love it?
  • What was your big takeaway from the teaching?
  • How does it apply to your life?
  • How have you shaped the text and/or how has it shaped you?

Video specifications: 

We ask that you please follow these instructions as you’re making your video so we can make sure everything comes together seamlessly.

  • We ask that you keep your video(s) to 3 minutes max.
  • If recording on a phone, the phone needs to be held horizontally! Your webcam/laptop camera might possibly be better, depending on your tech.
  • We recommend recording in as quiet a place as possible. Take notice if there’s any loud buzzing of a heater, fridge, etc. It’s not the end of the world if there’s background noise, but try and find the quietest place available to you.
  • Windows make for great lighting but generally are a greater source of background noise. A guiding principle is generally, it’s easier to fix bad lighting than it is bad sound. While the sounds of the outside world, like birds or rain, can be a really nice backdrop, sirens, car horns, and traffic aren’t as fun.
  • When uploading your videos the filename should be: firstname.lastname.pronouns (ex: ren.finkel.theythem) Your computer will probably add a filetype at the end (.wav, .mp4, etc.), you can keep that in!
  • Please ensure your videos are uploaded to our Avot Video Submission Drive no later than May 28th.
  • If you used any kind of script, please also put that script in the same submission drive! Even if you diverge from it, it will make closed-caption creation much easier and accurate.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ren, the Mishnah Collective Coordinator, at [email protected]! Thanks for being amazing partners in spreading the #queertalmudrevolution!