Students wishing to learn Bible, SVARA-style (only in the original, b’chevruta, with expectations of complete mastery) in an intensive bet midrash setting may choose to apply for the daytime Bible bet midrash. Here, they will learn alongside students in the Full-Time Program. The Bible bet midrash will begin with an analysis of biblical literature in its ancient Near East context, and continue with a text-focused Chumash with Rashi approach. Students will learn how to make their way through a biblical text with Rashi’s commentary, as well as the midrashic origins of those commentaries. In this way, students will also be introduced to midrash and learn to learn midrash as well. The Bible bet midrash meets Fridays, 9:30 am – Noon. Students will be expected to prepare and review four to six hours outside of shiur each week. Taught by guest Bible teacher.


Students applying to the daytime Bible bet midrash must have the equivalent of one year of college Hebrew and be committed to an extremely rigorous and demanding course of study. In-depth mastery and memorization of every text learned is expected of every student. Admission is by interview with Rabbi Lappe and written application. Please email Sara at [email protected] if you are interested in the daytime Bible bet midrash program.