Hot Off the Shtender

Hot Off the Shtender is a weekly blog that explores texts and reflections from the bet midrash. Lovingly referred to as “HOTS,” this is a SVARA resource you won’t want to miss.

The branches of a tree hang low to the ground, barely touching the surface of the water beneath it. A lake stretches out into the distance, and it seems that the greenery is slowly fading to yellow.

A Stolen Lulav

“What is my lulav good for in a collapsing world?” I asked myself this while sitting in my sukkah the…
Two SVARA-niks learn together in the bet midrash. The table is crowded with dictionaries, masechtot, and Talmud resources.

Letting Go of Our Lizard

This Elul, SVARA’s Mishnah Collective is taking some time to dive into Rambam’s Hilkhot Teshuva. In true Rambam fashion, his…