Hunting Through Jastrow

We will look at the Jastrow entry for the root כתב (p. 679) together.

In small groups look up the roots below and see how their meanings transform as they move from one binyan to another. The page for each Jastrow dictionary entry is listed below, or you can click the root to see the Jastrow entry online. Do the meanings of these roots transform in the ways you would expect? If you have time, look up one of your favorite Hebrew roots and see how it’s meanings shift (or don’t), as it slides in an out of different Binyamin.

כנס p. 649

גדל (the roman numeral I entry) p. 212

טבל (the roman numeral I entry) p. 517

עגל p. 1041

רחק p. 1469

I’ll invite a handful of people to share your observations in when we regather in class, but also feel free to share any exciting discoveries in the comment section below.

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