The Unrecognizable Jewish Future:

A conversation series hosted by SVARA

SVARA invites you to join us this winter for a virtual conversation series that brings together Jewish thinkers, teachers, and learners to discuss how queer Jewish traditions continue to shape The Unrecognizable Jewish Future.

These events are free and open to all. Register here!


January 28th

Featuring Rabbi Jill Hammer PhD, Joy Ladin, Shahannah McKinney Baldon, and Rabbi Benay Lappe

7pm – 8pm EST / 4pm – 5pm PST

How did we develop skills, language, and inspiration to see ourselves in traditions that were not clearly designed for us?

What skills have we used in this process?

What stories of tradition did we inherit and where did we create new stories?

Rabbi Jill Hammer stands outdoors with her hand leaning up against the trunk of a tree. She has long brown hair and smiles toward the camera. The leaves of trees in autumn can be seen behind her.
Joy is pictured outside, seemingly on a rooftop as the shapes of large buildings can be seen behind her. She is wearing a black shirt and a turquoise necklace. She smiles toward the camera.
Shohanna stands outside at a large gathering holding a Torah scroll inside of a bright blue velvet Torah mantle adorned with golden embroidery. Shahannah is smiling and wears a dark leather jacket.
Benay is depicted indoors, with a dramatic light cast upon her as she looks warmly toward the camera. She is wearing a black blazer that almost blends into the shadow behind her. Her arms are crossed in front of her.

February 4th

Featuring Dr. Koach Baruch Frazier, Rabbi Mónica Gomery, and Rabbi Elliot Kukla

7pm – 8pm EST / 4pm – 5pm PST

What are the inputs and insights you’ve drawn on (both from SVARA and beyond) to help shape your Torah?

What is something that was unrecognizable to you that now feels like an assumed or standard part of tradition?

Koach is seated outdoors in a large open meadow full of bright green grass. They are wearing a necklace with large beads of red, black, and green, and smile toward the camera. He has on a denim shirt and black glasses.
Mónica is photographed outdoors, leaning up against a wooden backdrop. She is wearing large golden earrings shaped like leaves, and a burnt orange jacket. She smiles toward the camera.
Elliot is standing outdoors in a shady grove of trees. They are wearing a yellow shirt and black glasses, and are leaning on a wooden cane. He smiles toward the camera.

February 11th

Featuring SVARA Fellows Rabbi Xava de Cordova, noa ilana, Emet, and Chava Shapiro

7pm – 8pm EST / 4pm – 5pm PST

What does the Jewish future need in order to support collective liberation and healing?

What are we doing and what do we need to be doing now to help tend to a more inclusive unrecognizable future?

Xava is looking toward the camera with a soft smile. She is wearing a bright purple head scarf and is seated indoors.
Emet is depicted in a childhood photo, smiling widely toward the camera and wearing a large straw hat.
Chava is standing outdoors with the lights and building of a city visible behind them. They are wearing bright red overalls, a red scarf, and an ornate crown.

Live captioning and ASL interpretation will be provided during each conversation.

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