Understanding Our Power and Authority (Kol Mi She’efshar)

Taught by Rabbi Bronwen Mullin

Mondays, October 23rd through December 11th
8-10pm ET | 7-9pm CT | 5-7pm PT

In this mixed-level Bet Midrash, we’ll witness how the Rabbis understand their own power, authority, and responsibility through a sugya in Masechet Shabbat. This deep and dazzling text explores our obligations when those around us behave badly. We’ll encounter a (deceptively) pithy Rabbinic dictum and then complicate it by exploring how this teaching plays out in the Rabbis’ own lived experiences!

We know that virtual learning comes with a holy host of nuances and it can be hard to know exactly what to expect of an online experience. For that reason, we’ve gathered a list of the nitty-gritty details that will help you envision the fullest picture of each of our offerings!

Specs on this learning space:

  • We’ll meet once a week on Mondays from 8–10pm ET
  • There are eight sessions and regular attendance is expected
  • Chevruta & shiur are combined into each weekly session
  • No “homework” required between sessions
  • Includes breakout spaces
  • All registered learners will receive a package from SVARA that includes the hard copies of our learning materials.
  • Two dictionaries are required: Frank & Jastrow
  • Live captioning is available in the main Zoom space. If you would benefit from live captioning in breakout rooms, you can request it in our enrollment form!



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