COVID Spiritual Practice Group

A program led by Jess Belasco

First Sunday of each month:
November 5th, December 3rd, January 7th, February 4th, March 3rd.
8-9:30pm ET | 7-8:30pm CT | 5-6:30pm PT

At SVARA we give people the tools to shape Jewish tradition in expansive, radical, creative ways. We do this through Talmud study and through our emergent programs, which create affinity spaces to actively expand Jewish tradition.

One of SVARA’s emergent programs is the Disability Justice Torah Circle, which nurtures and amplifies the voices of Jews with disabilities and produces “Disability Torah” to impact the broader Jewish community.

The Covid Spiritual Practice Group is an ongoing, drop-in spiritual practice & support group for people who identify as still taking the pandemic very seriously, and feeling gaslit and abandoned by most of society. The space will strive to be collaborative and will explicitly center wisdom and experiences of high-risk people. Together, we will seek spiritual resources and practices of solidarity & survival to help us weather this time and its existential impact. Each session features practice around anti-gaslighting, ancestors, music, and prayer or wishes for the world and each other.

Who is the COVID Spiritual Practice Group for?
– High-risk people
– Anyone who has high-risk people in their intimate circle (whatever that means to you)
– Disabled people who are not high-risk but see themselves in communal solidarity with high-risk people


Zoom Link:
(Meeting ID: 893 6720 4658)

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