Midrash and the Genesis of Svara

Tuesdays, June 18 through July 9

8-9:30pm ET | 7-8:30pm CT | 5-6:30pm PT

Taught by Rabbi Bronwen Mullin

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At SVARA, we often discuss midrash as the interpretive leap within a kra proof (one of the five sources of Jewish law). But midrash has a life of its own as a genre of rabbinic literature outside of Talmud (it may even have been a seed for Talmud!). In this class, discover how the rabbis use “inside translation,” that deep excavation and exploration of the root meanings of words, to reveal their svara and unpack life’s big questions through radical acts of reinterpretation. We’ll be learning from Bereishit Rabbah—the Midrash on Creation itself—to see just how expansively queer our tradition has always been. 

Who is this space for?

This learning space is for folks who have previously learned Talmud in the SVARA method (for example, in Queer Talmud for Beginner’s Mind). We will be learning in the original Hebrew. 


  • Four sessions and regular attendance is expected
  • Chevruta & shiur are combined into each weekly session
  • No “homework” required between sessions
  • Includes breakout spaces
  • All learning materials will be provided in an online portal 
  • Two dictionaries are required: Frank & Jastrow
  • Live captioning is available in the main Zoom space. If you would benefit from live captioning in breakout rooms, you can request it in our enrollment form!

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