Bet Midrash: Rabbinic Power and Authority

Taught by Rabbi Mónica Gomery

Tuesdays, Feb. 14 – May 2 | 7-8:30 PM ET | 6-7:30 PM CT | 4-5:30 PM PT | 10 sessions | Off for Purim on March 7 and Pesach on April 11 | Chevruta Plus

Text: Rosh Hashanah 25a

Dive into the tensions that arise when the Rabbis grapple with conceptions of time, power, and interpersonal relationships. In this iconic Talmudic drama, we’ll witness a behind-the-scenes look as the Rabbis clash with competing conceptions of ”truth.” In this shiur, we’ll settle into the rhythm of aggadah (Talmudic stories) and meet some key Rabbinic characters. Together we’ll discover that some of our most foundational conceptions of time originate within a riveting Rabbinic soap opera.

About “Chevruta Plus”: You’ll learn some of the texts we love the most: the ones that show us how the Rabbis upgrade the tradition they’ve been given and empower us to do the same! Together we’ll explore the tensions that arise when we pursue radical change (which is exactly what the Rabbis did). This course is for learners who are hoping to deepen their practice with a chevruta and have more time in shiur for unpacking the text into broader themes. This is designed for learners of all levels who have learned Talmud in the original at least once – you’ll be given the tools to be challenged at your own learning level in a rigorous and supportive environment, and you will meet with your chevruta for 1-1.5 hours in advance of each shiur.

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