Getting Started

There are lots of different ways to learn at SVARA. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of all of the opportunities to come and learn with us, from One-Night Stands to Summer Retreats. Click on the links for more details about dates & signing up.


Anyone learning with SVARA first needs to attend a CRASH Talk. CRASH gives an overview of our philosophy, and explains the framework within which we study Talmud, and why we think it’s a radical, queer thing that everyone should be doing. CRASH is always offered before each new session.  Click HERE to find out more

One-Night Stands

This is a single-evening taste of SVARA. Anyone with any level of Hebrew (as long as you can sound out your alef-bet) or experience with texts can come and see what SVARA is all about and how it feels to learn with us.  Click HERE to find out more.

S&M Bet Midrash

The S&M Bet Midrash is a 6-week Talmud program that meets one evening a week. There are three  6-week rounds per year, with 6 weeks off in between each. This bet midrash is great for absolutely everybody! Anyone can join, whether you’ve been studying Talmud your whole life or just learned your alef-bet last week. Beginning students learn a few lines of gemara, while the more experienced students move on into Rashi, codes, and commentaries. As in all of SVARA’s programs, all texts are learned in the original, but the S&M Bet Midrash is open even to those who can only sound out their alef-bet without comprehension. Click HERE to find out more.

Queer Talmud Camp

We have two summer Talmud retreats, one in Wisconsin and one in California, where we learn Talmud all day (and maybe even most of the night) in a bet midrash full of queers* and radicals.   And beside Talmud, we have music, hiking, crafts, davening, meditation, singing around the campfire, swimming, sailing, dancing, and just general shmoozing and hanging out.  Learn more about Queer Talmud Camp HERE.

Full-Time Program

In our full-time program, students can immerse in traditionally radical Talmud study for a year or more.  Our goal is to graduate students who will be expert in teaching Talmud in the SVARA method, and who will establish SVARA-style yeshivot across the country.  Learn more about the full-time program HERE.

SVARA On the Road

SVARA partners with organizations around the country,  bringing 1-day, 2-day, weekend-long, week-long, and longer SVARA bet midrash programs to you wherever you live. Click HERE to see if we’re coming anywhere near you. If not, email Sara to bring SVARA to your town!


Still not sure where to start? Email Sara your questions and she’ll help you out!