Goodies to Ground You for the Days of AWE-some

These goodies are a gift from us to you. May your entry into the new year be full of sweetness, and may you continue to manifest your wisdom, learning, and action in the bet midrash, out in the streets, and inside your hearts.


Judging Our Lives “Bird-by-Bird”: Benay offers up insights drawn from Masechet Kiddushin and Ibram X. Kendi‚Äôs How To Be an Antiracist in this video message.

A beautiful compilation of selected Hot Off the Shtender pieces from our faculty. Whether you’re reading them for the first time or the twentieth, there are new insights to be gleaned each time!

From Our Tables to Yours: Recipes from Team SVARA to create or supplement your holiday meals. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite recipes from our family celebrations. Enjoy!

Queer Talmud Camp Music Leader Batya Levine shares a song from her new album Karov. Give a listen and get hooked!

Sugya for the Ten Days of Return. Dig into the practice of rabbinic rebuke and reconciliation, using these conversation prompts from Masechet Yoma to bring a taste of Talmud into your holiday celebration.

Righteous Giving: Tzedakah carries unique power in the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. As part of our commitment to organizational teshuvah, we’re making donations to five incredible organizations, led by and for People of Color.