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The Revolution Will Not Be Translated: Rabbi Lappe’s speech upon receiving the 2016 Covenant Award, an inspiring window into a radically inclusive approach to Talmud study, community building, and the life work of our beloved Rosh Yeshiva, as reprinted in Lilith.

Talmud, Tora, un Transgender: SVARA was thrilled to be featured in the German language publication Jüdische Allgemeine, which ran a profile on Queer Talmud Camp in August 2017, written by one of our summer learners who traveled all the way from Germany to learn hardcore, queer Talmud with us.
(please note this is google translated from German)

SVARA has been featured three times in Judaism Unbound, a podcast from The Institute for the Next Jewish Future.

Exodus: Judaism Unbound podcast episode 3

On this episode of Judaism Unbound, Rabbi Benay Lappe, Founder and Rosh Yeshiva of SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva, walks us through her “Crash” Theory, along with some key ways that it is relevant to 21st Century American Judaism. Dan and Lex add some of their own thoughts regarding “Option 1,” “Option 2,” and “Option 3” Jews.

What Jewish Looks Like Today: Judaism Unbound podcast episode 36

Is being “welcoming” and “inclusive” enough? Is pain a necessary prerequisite to the successful implementation of radical, new, Jewish ideas? Benay Lappe, the founder of SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva and recipient of the 2016 Covenant Award for exceptional Jewish educators (considered akin to the “Nobel Prize for Jewish education”), returns to Judaism Unbound as a guest co-host to tackle these questions, and many others, with Dan and Lex.

A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva: Judaism Unbound podcast episode 56

In this episode, we do a deep dive into Rabbi Lappe’s organization, SVARA, which defines itself as a “traditionally radical yeshiva,” a place to study Jewish texts through a “Queer lens.”

Past media…

We were totally jazzed when we heard what the folks over at had to say about Rabbi Lappe’s recent ELITalk!

The S&M Bet Midrash was the star of the program “Sanctuary,” which was broadcast February 23, 2014 on ABC7-Channel 7. Check it out!

See Rabbi Benay Lappe featured in The Forward’s 2014 Most Inspiring Rabbis

Rabbi Lappe made Jewrotica’s Sexiest Rabbis of 2013 List (as did Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann of Mishkan Chicago)!

See a follow-up article in The Times of Israel. (12/31/2013)

Read SVARAnik Rachel Cort’s perspective on SVARA learning in her piece on eJewish Philanthropy.

Read Jon Catlin’s reflections in Moment Magazine of his time learning with Rabbi Lappe in the Bet Midrash.