Upcoming Programs

There are many opportunities throughout the year to get some Talmud served up the old fashioned way—hardcore, queer, and radically inclusive—with SVARA! SVARA hosts pop-up bet midrash learning and immersive programs around the country, as well as regular weekly batei midrash in several cities. Check out what’s comin’ up at your favorite queer yeshiva, and we can’t wait to welcome to you to the SVARA bet midrash!


Join us for a Pop-Up Bet Midrash–an evening or a day-long session–to experience the excitement of Talmud study in the unique queer-normative space that we’ll be creating together. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or a seasoned Talmudist, there’s nothing quite like the rigorous, joyous experience of diving into Talmud SVARA-style. Read on for more information!

Join us in: Boston, March 22 | Detroit, March 29 | Pittsburgh,  April 5 | New York, April 26


Bring SVARA’s *MAGIC* to your teaching! Join teachers and educators of all kinds (if you’re wondering if that includes you, it probably does!) for a unique learning opportunity. This training will give you additional tools to help you integrate elements of SVARA’s method into your teaching, and will include sessions on pedagogy and practical skill-building. This is a great opportunity for professional development! 

This spring we’ll be diving deep with teachers in Boston (March 22-23) and New York City (April 26-27), and we’d love to learn with you! Learn more & register here.


Queer Talmud Camp is a gathering of queer folks, radicals, and seekers who come together for five days to immerse themselves in rigorous yeshiva-style learning in warm, loving, and joyful community. At Queer Talmud Camp we build a vibrant learning space that celebrates queer culture, cultivates inter-generational relationships, and reveals the deeply rooted radical queerness of the Jewish tradition. This summer, we’re serving up FOUR Queer Talmud Camps! Apply today!


Want to bring SVARA-style learning to your community?! Fill out this form to get in touch with us!