Upcoming Programs

There are many opportunities throughout the year to get some Talmud served up the old fashioned way—hardcore, queer, and radically inclusive—with SVARA! Check out what’s comin’ up at your favorite queer yeshiva, and we can’t wait to welcome to you to the SVARA bet midrash!


Daily (except Saturday) at 1:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM CT / 10:30 AM PT for 30 minutes | REGISTER HERE!

We meet daily to ground in this uncertain time in our practice of learning & studying in community, digging into a chunk of mishnah (y’all remember, Torah 2.0!) from Masechet Avot (also known as Pirkei Avot) each day with SVARA Faculty & your Queer Talmud comrades. **No prior Hebrew experience or learning necessary to participate!** Whether you can join every day, once a week, or once in a blue moon–we can’t wait to learn with you!


Tuesdays, Oct 20-Dec 15 at 8:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM CT / 5:00 PM PT | Program Full

Join SVARA’s Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Benay Lappe for a semester of Queer Talmud goodness specifically designed for folks who are new(er) to SVARA’s approach to Talmud study and want to learn in a queer-normative space! All you need is your alef-bet and we’ll have you learning in the original in no time! Learn more!

FALL SHIUR [online]

Thursdays, Oct 22-Dec 17 at 8:00PM ET / 7:00 PM CT / 5:00 PM PT | Program Full

Join faculty member Laynie Soloman for a weekly shiur where we’ll dig into a sugya that—on the surface—deals with questions of wealth (re)distribution, justice, and giving tzedakah (‘just’ giving). Grab your chevruta and get in on the action! Learn more!

Note: This shiur is for experienced SVARA learners – if you’re new to learning with us, check out Queer Talmud for Beginner’s Mind.


Stay tuned for more dates about upcoming CRASH Talks. If you’d like to bring the CRASH Talk to your community (virtually), please be in touch with us!

The CRASH Talk is SVARA’s foundational philosophy of human change; a road-map through transformation–societal, religious, organizational, or personal; a core framework for understanding the Talmud and the rabbinic revolution that gave rise to it; and a way for us to understand the big questions of the moment.

No matter who we are, we’re collectively living through a moment of social and material transformation, and facing many unknowns as a society. At SVARA, CRASH theory helps us to orient ourselves in times of change, and to unpack our experiences in community. Whether you’re a SVARA newbie, or you’re a regular SVARA-nik, whether you’ve explored CRASH before, or this is your first time, we’d love to dive in and chart a path through the unknown together.


Want to bring SVARA-style learning to your community?! Fill out this form to get in touch with us!