Gemara Boost Camp

Are you a SVARA-nik looking to go deeper in your learning?
Are you a blue sticker ready to live your best yellow sticker life at Queer Talmud Camp this summer?!
Wanna become besties with more of the bois in the back of your masechet?

SVARA’s Gemara Boost Camp is an opportunity to explore new areas of depth in your learning on your journey to being a player! Join SVARA Faculty for a soulful, intimate, and shtark* full day or weekend of study and community building.

*Putting the hardcore back in “hardcore, queer, and radically inclusive” 😉

At Gemara Boost Camp, seasoned SVARA-niks of all levels will have the chance to:

→ Thicken your skills as an empowered Talmud learner
→ Level up your experience with rabbinic texts and concepts to help you be an even better player (through in-depth workshops on Rashi, halakhic processes/concepts, and Rishonim)
→ Reflect on the real-life application of our sugya to our lives as activists, artists, teachers, and queer folks
→ Go deep into a new sugya (Talmud text) with a chevruta, teachers, and fairies, and learn how to “take it home” if you’re feeling inspired to teach a bet midrash or convene a learning group in your home community
→ Build deep, dazzling queer community with your SVARA comrades


Friday, Jan. 3 – Sunday, Jan. 5

Friday, Jan. 10 – Sunday, Jan. 13

Friday, Jan. 17 – Sunday, Jan. 19

*Stay tuned for registration information, coming soon!!

Click here to see a sample schedule and check out the workshops below to see what what you can expect at Gemara Boost Camp! We’re training up the leaders of a traditionally radical Jewish future and grow a generation of queer Talmud learners, teachers, thinkers, and creators. Are you ready to level up? Join us for Gemara Boost Camp!


Check out these sample workshop descriptions below for a taste of the *shtark* (read: hardcore) learning you can expect at Gemara Boost Camp:

WTF is in this Masechet?!
We know that Mishnah + Gemara = Talmud, but WHAT + Talmud = a Masechet?! Our Masechtot are full of lots of goodies, including commentaries, legal codes, and learning resources designed to make our Talmud learning deeper, more complex, and—believe it or not—more accessible. What good are these rad tools if we don’t know how to find them!? Come for the quick-and-dirty of how to navigate your way through this ever-evolving book of unfolding wisdom.

Rashi Really Is Your Friend!
So who was this Rashi guy, and how can we use his insights to support our learning? We’ll spend time exploring Rashi’s history and “project,” reviewing the letters of Rashi script, and studying a bit of Rashi’s commentary on our sugya (talmudic passage) to get acquainted with how Rashi’s mind works, and to get more out of his commentary in order to get more out of your Talmud learning! This is a great workshop for newer learners who want to develop an essential Talmud skill as well as more experienced learners who’ve been yearning to know more about this 11th century commentator who we like to refer to as the original bet midrash fairy!

The Bois in the Back
We all know that Rashi is our friend, but what about all those other bois who write commentaries to the Talmud?! We’ll get cozy with a few Rishonim (medieval commentators), and get to know their unique perspectives on our sugya.

Conjugation for Liberation
Ok, so there are 8 things to know about a sentence and 15 things to know about a word before you own it, right? What if you can only figure out 5 of those things?! This workshop is here to help you reach new heights in your ownership of the elegant structure of the Hebrew language. Come to Conjugation for Liberation to get yourself a dose of Hebrew grammar goodness to take your ownership of any sugya to the next level. We’ll focus on understanding binyanim, tense, and person/number/gender of Hebrew verbs.