We’re so excited to announce Conjugation for Liberation, SVARA’s 6-week Hebrew grammar class! Taught by Bet Midrash Fairy and systematic grammar nerd extraordinaire Amir Starr Weg, in this class you’ll familiarize yourself with the Hebrew verb system (binyanim) and learn to recognize and conjugate Hebrew verbs.

This course is designed for folks who are feeling strong in their basic Hebrew and are ready to delve deeper into the verb system to enhance their Talmud skills.

This class is for you if:

  • You’ve gained some experience with Talmud study at SVARA or in the S&M Bet Midrash
  • You can vocalize Hebrew words with some ease
  • Learning more grammar feels like the next tool to add to your Talmud study tool-belt

We’ll cover an overview of the verbal system and the regular conjugation paradigms for all seven Hebrew binyanim. However, you don’t even need to know what those words mean in order to come learn this stuff with Amir! That’s what we’re gonna learn together!


Please check back for the dates for the next round of Conjugation for Liberation!