Local Batei Midrash

At SVARA, we’re all about building up a generation of players who will transform and transmit our tradition, through learning Talmud as a radical manual for change-making in our world. These SVARA Fellows & Grassroots Bet Midrash Leaders* are bringing the Talmud to the people! Learn with our Fellows & Grassroots Leaders year-round in SVARA’s method.

Beyn Kodesh L’chol Bet Midrash, led by R’ Becky Silverstein, SVARA Fellow
Wednesdays, February 19 – March 25 (with an orientation for new learners on Tuesday, February 12) | More Info & Register

Lace Midrash, led by Annie Kaufman, Grassroots Bet Midrash Leader
Wednesdays, February 5 – March 25 | More Info & Register

Triangle Beit Midrash, led by Esther Mack, Grassroots Bet Midrash Leader
Sundays, March 8 – April 5 | More Info & Register

700 Benches: Queer Talmud for Everyone, led by R’ Dev Noily & R’ Gray Myrseth, SVARA Fellows
Mondays, January 6 – 24 | More Info

QueerCore Talmud, led by Jhos Singer & Julie Batz, SVARA Fellows
Mondays, March 23 – April 30 (with an orientation for new learners on Sunday, March 22) | More Info & Register

Gaymara, led by Isaac Cowhey, Grassroots Bet Midrash Leader
Mondays, January 27 – March 16 | More Info & Register

Builders Bet Midrash, led by R’ Micah Buck-Yael, SVARA Fellow
More Info


*While these learning spaces aren’t run by SVARA, they are taught in SVARA’s method by Grassroots Leaders and Fellows. SVARA Fellows have completed SVARA’s two-year Teaching Kollel, and are trained to implement and nurture bet midrash communities using SVARA’s method. Grassroots Bet Midrash Leaders are passionate SVARA learners, many of whom have attended a SVARA Pedagogy Intensive, who are interested in sharing their practice with their communities as leaders and facilitators. 

Are you convening a bet midrash in SVARA’s method?! Let us know! Want to get trained up in SVARA’s method to learn how to lead a bet midrash? Check out SVARA’s Teaching Kollel!