Minhag and Maaseh

The Trans Halakha Project seeks to curate existing and developing resources that have been created for trans Jews, by trans Jews and engage trans & non-binary people in the creation of specific rituals and blessings.  This work will be organized in two buckets:

  • Tfillat Trans: a booklet of daily brachot that reflects a wide array of trans experiences.
  • Rituals for Trans Lives: a compendium of rituals for trans/non-binary life cycle moments.

How can I participate?

Trans and nonbinary members of our community are welcome to submit ideas for rituals and blessings, already crafted rituals/blesings, and express interest in further supporting the project here. Submissions will close in mid-September and we’ll be releasing the booklet and compendium in mid-December! We also hope to share out the teshuvot towards the end of 2022.

Save the date for these programs this summer:

  • July 7th: Tfillat Trans: An Introduction to Crafting Trans Ritual
  • August 4th: T’fillat Trans Workshop: Rituals + Daily Blessings for Trans Lives
  • September 8th: Additional workshop space

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