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Mishkan Chicago MishkanLogo

Mishkan is a spiritual community creating inspired, down-to-earth Judaism in Chicago.  Mishkan is about creativity and authenticity, building space for ecstatic prayer, music and meditation, for being intellectually stimulated and spiritually invigorated. Mishkan Chicago is a community from across the spectrum of denominations and backgrounds, LGBT and interfaith inclusive, open to everyone. Mishkan believes that Judaism is a vehicle for bringing more light, more goodness, more justice, and more joy to the world. Click here to learn more about Mishkan Chicago.

The Institute for the Next Jewish Future INJF Logo

The Institute for the Next Jewish Future is an education and idea center dedicated to accelerating bold innovation in Jewish life that brings about the discovery and emergence of more resonant forms of Jewish living for the 21st Century. The Institute brings together leading innovators (thinkers and practitioners) and engages them in study, research, and discussion, with the aim of synthesizing their ideas and practices and educating the next generation of Jewish innovators. Click here to learn more about The Institute for the Next Jewish Future.

483085_467630363271614_2129137756_nMoishe House Chicago

Moishe House Chicago builds a diverse, progressive, and inclusive community in an egalitarian Jewish context that is committed to working towards a more just society. The Moishe House Chicago community organizes at least eight programs a month that focus on social justice, Jewish learning, Jewish community, and adventures in the beautiful city of Chicago. Click here to learn more about Moishe House Chicago.

Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood

Mordecai Kaplan Center Logo

The Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood is an independent, trans-denominational organization devoted to the transformation of Jewish community. Its mission is to disseminate and promote the thought and writings of Rabbi Kaplan and to advance the Kaplanian approach to Judaism in the 21st century, perhaps most importantly by spurring creative experimentation in the formation or reorganization of various kinds of Jewish communities and institutions.


882950_511876138925688_786412899_ojacob kaufman studios

SVARA loves learning everywhere, but it’s especially wonderful to learn in beautiful spaces. Many of the images you see on our website were taken in Jacob Kaufman’s art studio, here in Chicago. If you like Jacob’s work, check out his website HERE for more information.