I LOVED my chevruta! I was a bit nervous about such a new experience, but Katie was so welcoming and just downright AWESOME! With as all over the place as my language experience is, I was nothing less than amazed that my partner not only has languages that back up to sketchy Russian, but at how equal our language skills were. I don’t think I can imagine enjoying studying with anyone else more. :)”

“There were times when I felt behind and struggled to wrap my head around the experience but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. That was excellent – that the level was high and expectations were high and we had to jump in there and figure things out – that worked for me to get acclimated, even though struggle was involved. THAT’s a GOOD thing. GOOD that it was challenging.”

“I felt empowered by the experience of struggling with the text with my chevruta, rather than being just given the ‘answer.'”