Alyx, palms outstretched, reads from a page of Talmud.

Alyx Bernstein

( she/her )

Alyx Bernstein, born and raised in London (and a proud adopted New Yorker), is a student studying Comparative Literature at Barnard College and Talmud and Rabbinics at the Jewish Theological Seminary, which means that her living space is more of a library at this point. She comes to Team SVARA having interned at Keshet, JWA, Ta’amod, and Barnard’s Office of Admissions, which have all taught her the value of building radical, equitable, empowering, safe, and bold communities. Alyx is an alumna of Keshet’s Youth Shabbatonim and Yeshivat Hadar, a writer, and proud resident of the Bayit, Columbia University’s Jewish co-op. Outside of her learning, she enjoys good iced coffee, fantasy epics, and feel-good comedy TV shows.

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