Maggie Kraus

( they/them )
Communications Director

Maggie Kraus was born on the sixth day of Sukkot and has been in love with the fall ever since. They are trained as a landscape architect and spent many years working in the realm of affordable housing and urban / rural planning. Over the last ten years they have managed multimedia campaigns and digital publications for a wide range of nonprofits. Much of this work has focused on community-driven messaging around cultural landscapes and the arts. Maggie is a designer at heart and enjoys thoughtfully constructed objects, places, and stories. Maggie is a Jew by choice and feels immeasurably lucky to live in Western Massachusetts. Maggie has a sweet and clumsy dog named Forest and spent the better part of a decade traveling the country as a touring folk musician. It’s a tough choice, but their favorite deciduous conifer is the Dawn Redwood.

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