A rainbow alef-bet ruler is resting on a page of Talmud.

Rabbi Yehuda bar Ilai

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Tannaitic Rabbi
  • A fourth-generation tanna alive during the second century.
  • Also referred to as Yehuda bar Ma’arava and simply Rabbi Yehuda. (Not to be confused with Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, a fifth-generation tanna and compiler of the Mishnah.)
  • Cited almost 3,000 times in the Mishnah!
  • He was ordained by Judah ben Bava at a time when the Roman Empire forbade ordination. Despite this, he had a fairly amicable attitude towards the Romans and they decreed that he speak first at rabbinic convocations.
  • He was known for having a strict personal piety, and he observed many of the practices of the Hasideans and the Essenes.

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