ABB-fall What to Expect

Beginning to learn a language is hard, and that’s okay! We’re so excited to nurture and support your learning at every twist and turn. 

Over the four weeks, there will be mistakes, pneumonic devices, and goofy songs galore. Our goal is to keep this space fun and safe to take risks!  This class gathers for one and a half hours weekly. We will spend the majority of our time all together as a group, with some time in chevruta (in pairs). While you will be provided with exercises and resources to deepen your learning, there is no expectation of studying outside of our digital Bet Midrash (the space where study happens). 

Whether you know a handful of letters or this is your first time diving in, we’ll do our best to make sure you’re the right balance of supported and challenged. We’ve got a lot of letters and not a lot of time, so this course won’t be going over script (Hebrew’s version of cursive), vocabulary, or grammar rules—we’ll be spending all our time getting to know each of the 22 hebrew letters and their various vowels.

Questions? Comments? Confusions? Hit up Fairy Hours here to connect with a Fairy or Faculty member to help you and your chevruta get unstuck, or reach out to Ren at [email protected].