QTBM1 Text Breakdown & Recordings

In Queer Talmud for Beginner’s Mind we will learn a sugya from Yoma 83a/85a/b. The weekly breakdown below is provided to help you find your place in class—please do not prepare this material in advance, as things might change! Recordings of the text being read and translated will be added below after each session.

Session 1

In our opening session, Julie will orient us to the Beit Midrash/learning space and we’ll have a chance to meet the SVARA team and each other. Our special guest will be SVARA’s Rosh Yeshiva, Benay Lappe! Benay will present the CRASH Talk, SVARA’s foundational philosophy of human change; a road-map through transformation—societal, religious, organizational, or personal; a core framework for understanding the Talmud and the rabbinic revolution that gave rise to it; and a way for us to understand the big questions of the moment. Everyone is welcome to stay for an optional 15-minute after-party to continue the conversation!

Session 2

After getting oriented to Talmud study, we will begin our learning in the middle of the mishnah on

Yoma 83a, with the text below.

אמר ר׳ מתיא בן חרש החושש בגרונו

Text Vocalization/Inside/Outside


Session 3

We will continue where we left off in our mishnah.

 מטילין לו סם בתוך פיו בשבת

Text Vocalization/Inside/Outside


Session 4

 מפני שהוא ספק נפשות וכל ספק נפשות דוחה את השבת

Text Vocalization/Inside/Outside


Session 5

In this session, we will jump into the Gemara on daf 85a.

מניין לפקוח נפש שדוחה את השבת

Text Vocalization/Inside/Outside

Session 6

Jumping forward again we will learn the following text from daf 85b.

 רבי יונתן בן יוסף אומר כי קודש היא לכם היא מסורה בידכם ולא אתם מסורים בידה

Text Vocalization/Inside/Outside


Session 7

The final section of or sugya is found a few lines further down daf 65b

[א״ר יהודה אמר שמואל אי הואי התם הוה אמינא דידי עדיפא מדידהו] וחי בהם ולא שימות בהם

Text Vocalization/Inside/Outside


Session 8

Chazara-thon and Siyum!