About DIY Bet Midrash

Welcome to DIY Bet Midrash! We’re so thrilled to be learning with you in the coming weeks. We’ve designed this Bet Midrash as an opportunity for learners of all levels & experiences to explore Talmud or develop their learning skills at their own pace. You get all the goodies of a synchronous bet midrash PLUS all the freedom to make your learning fit your own schedule!

If at any point you’re feeling lost or could use an extra boost, reach out to Elaina, or one of our fabulous fairies, SAM and Lauren. You can also grab time in fairy hours where our team is available to connect one-on-one & offer support for your learning or whatever’s on your mind.

Using this Portal

This portal should have all of the goodies you need as we navigate our online learning together! Use the navigation on the left to help you find what you’re looking for: our weekly breakdown, unpacking the text, important links, etc!

About this Bet Midrash & What to Expect

This Bet Midrash is designed to support you exploring one of SVARA’s core texts in chevruta, guided by Fairy support and SVARA’s learning resources. Each week, you will click on the “Learn in Chevruta” and “Unpacking the Text” tabs and follow along with your chevruta.

Step 1: Learn in Chevruta. Each week, you’ll be expected to prepare in chevruta for approximately 1-1.5 hours per week. Click on the “Learning in Chevruta” tab under the relevant shiur week to find your assigned text and anything you need to know before diving in. The Learning in Chevruta section for week 1 will help you get set up and oriented!

Step 2: Unpack the Text. After you learn in chevruta word by word, it’s time to unpack the text. Click on the “Unpacking the Text” tab under the relevant shiur week to find a video with an inside / outside translation of the text and a version of the text with vowels that you can review with your chevruta or separately. You will have an invitation to SVARA’s bi-weekly Open Bet Midrash for live support and clapping you up as you unpack the text.

And…Repeat! After your first week, you will meet again in chevruta and click on the assigned material. After your first time in chevruta, you will also do chazara and recitation before diving back into the text.

Ready to dive in? Start with Week 1: Learning in Chevruta and go from there!

Questions? Comments? Confusions? Hit up Fairy Hours here to connect with a Fairy or Faculty member to help you and your chevruta get unstuck.