June 9

This week in our last session. we’ll wrap up our learning of this sugya together (for now) and spend some time thinking about the “so what?!” of this text. There is no new text for this session but do meet with your chevruta for chazara. 


  • Be sure to spend some time in chevruta getting the ge’mirna pieces down on this text (inside/outside, how do these words mean what they mean, etc.), and please do spend time digging into the se’virna pieces, as well. What is this text saying to you? What is it saying to your kishkes? What are your kishkes saying to it?
  • Y’all noticed that the ma’aseh (the story introduced by ta sh’ma) from our text this week is almost exactly the same as the one earlier on our daf. Spend some time in chevruta making sure you know what is different in this case. What details are different in the ma’aseh as it appears here? What is the ma’aseh being brought to prove in each instance?
  • If you’re interested in what the process actually is for kiblucha alayhu, check out the Rashi on the first instance of this word on our daf.