May 26

Y’all, we are heading into a large chunk of text this week! As always, wherever you get is perfect. Some notes that might help as you head into this section:

  • Make sure you are feeling solid in your chazarah on our sugya, and please note that you are not responsible for memorizing the Rambam! Rishonim and codes are not created as oral texts, and as such are not designed to be memorized. Don’t spend time memorizing the Rambam. Do spend time reflecting on what the Rambam offered to your learning.
  • This text is assuming that you have memorized the Torah. If, like me, you’re not there yet, first go to the prooftext, and read through it to make sure you understand it. Then go through the text! You’ll then recognize the quoted words when they come up in our sugya. Hint: Check out the Torah Verses Sheet for support in understanding the context of the verse!
  • When you see a parentheses, ( ____ ) you should scoop out the words and not include them. This is different from a bracket [ ___ ] which you should include and read!

This week we are returning to the Gemara with the text below:

פשיטא מהכא להכא ומהתם להתם (מהני) ומהכא להתם (נמי) מהני דהכא שבט והתם מחוקק כדתניא לא יסור שבט מיהודה אלו ראשי גליות שבבבל שרודין את ישראל בשבט ומחוקק מבין רגליו אלו בני בניו של הלל שמלמדין תורה ברבים