Thursday Supplemental Text Club

The Supplemental Text Reading Club will meet on Thursdays 2:45–4:00 PM ET | 1:45–3:00 PM CT | 11:45–1:00 PM PT. We will gather in this Zoom room.

We’ve identified juicy texts for you and your chevruta to explore each week. When we meet on Thursday, we’ll explore one or more of these texts together, depending on what folks have covered in chevruta and where there is collective interest!

Week 1

  • Finish Mishnah
  • Find & learn comment from Rambam on our mishnah (in Mishneh Torah, use the Ein Mishpat Ner Mitzvah & your Bet Midrash Reference Guide to help you!)
  • Find & learn parallel text in Tosefta

Week 2

  • Find the parallel text in the Mekhilta (it starts with some words you might recognize: עין תחת עין)
  • Find the parallel text in the Sifra (look for the (ז) three lines up from the bottom on the right-hand side)

Week 3