Week 1

In Hardcore Talmud Intensive we will learn a sugya from Bava Kama 83b. The weekly breakdown below is provided to help you find your place in class—please do not prepare this material in advance, as things might change! Recordings of the text being read and translated will be added below after each session.

Session 1 – Monday

We will start our learning at the beginning of the Mishnah.

מתני׳ החובל בחבירו חייב עליו משום חמשה דברים

Session 2 – Tuesday

בנזק בצער בריפוי בשבת ובושת:

Session 3 – Wednesday

Today we will explore a text from the Mishneh Torah. We will tell you exactly what we are reading durring our bet midrash session.

Session 4 – Thursday

Today, we will jump forward to the beginning of the gemara.

גמ׳ אמאי עין תחת עין אמר רחמנא אימא עין ממש