Session 3 – March 2: Halakha as World-Building

Each week you’ll find the reading listed, along with an abbreviated version and/or shorter section of the essay to look through. You’re welcome to read only the selection, the entire article, or anything in between.

Readings for this session:

  • Feminist Folktales of Justice: Robert Cover as a Resource for the Renewal of Halakhah” – Rachel Adler
    • Specific Pages: p. 41 from the heading “Law as Bridge: An Image for Progressive Jews” through the top line of p. 43 (“Cover’s conceptualization of law offers a law-making community the possibility of a halakhah which is proactive.”)
      • In this essay, Rachel Adler uses the work of a famous legal theorist Robert Cover (and his approach to “law”) as a way to explore a broad renewal of halakha.
  • Excerpt from Halakhic Man – Joseph B. Soloveitchik
    • Specific pages: p. 19 from the heading VI through p. 23 (in the last paragraph, “His deepest desire is not the realization of the halakhah but rather the ideal construction which was given to him from Sinai, and this ideal construction exists forever.”)

Optional listening: