April 4

Chazara! Recitation! To the max! Take some time in your chevruta to do some robust chazara, making sure you’re feeling clear on the inside/outside of the text, and on how you’re getting from the inside to the outside.

Go outside outside: What is this text about? This is how we enact being players! Some prompting questions for your discussion:

  • What do I feel is the most important word in this text?
  • List five more keywords that this text is “about” (they can be words from the text, or concepts/themes about the text).
  • What moves me/excites me about this text?
  • List three big questions/ideas this text is exploring.
  • In my own words (three to five sentences), I think this text is about…
  • How does this text transform, interpret, subvert, destabilize, restrict, or expand what came before it?
  • How might this text transform my own thinking/practice/ideas?
  • Does this text show us anything about radical innovation?
  • What is one thing this text shows us about the Rabbis?
  • Who is being brought into this text?
  • Who is being left out of this text?

Zoom Recording for April 4