March 14


We are going to spend the first part of next week closing out this part of our sugya, focused on מת and קריע, and I am excited to take stock, big time, of what definitions, categories, and boundaries have been crafted and torn down in our exploration of mourning, relationship, destruction, and repair. Make sure to make space for this in chevruta, and feel free to consult / create an outline to help sort out the different ways these definitions have been created or changed.


We are skipping to further down on the daf:

תינח מתו, אלא חמתו אחמתו קשיא חמתו אחמתו נמי לא קשיא הא רבי יהודה הא רבי שמעון הא רבי יהודה דאמר מלאכה שאין צריכה לגופה חייב עליה הא רבי שמעון דאמר מלאכה שאין צריכה לגופה פטור עליה

After working on your inside/outside with some heavy Frank consultation, take a look at the definition of מלאכה שאינה צריכה לגופה from the Steinsaltz Reference Guide at the bottom of your Supplemental Text Packet.

Zoom Recording for March 14

Text Vocalization/Inside/Outside