March 7


Dig into the juicy questions you have about this text so far. What moves are the Rabbis making? Why do you think they’re making them? What are the stakes? 

As we are getting more and more categories about what at its core is tearing when someone has died — an emotional and personal practice -I’d also invite you to notice: are you rooting for a side here? Where do you see yourself in this text?


We continue onward! To get the full texture of the argument, you can skip the text in brackets if you are short on time.

דתניא חכם שמת הכל קרוביו הכל קרוביו ס״ד אלא אימא הכל כקרוביו [הכל קורעין עליו הכל חולצין עליו הכל מברין עליו ברחבה] לא צריכא דלאו חכם הוא


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