DIY Chevruta Learning

We’ve been working on creating new and improved resources for you and your chevruta to learn together outside of the SVARA bet midrash! These are for folks of all experience levels who are interested in cultivating an ongoing Talmud practice.

Sugyot: Sanhedrin 17a

This classic SVARA sugya explores what it takes to be a judge and a leader–at SVARA, we call those folks “players.” What kind of person should be in charge of a legal system or a community? What are the attributes of a powerful, deeply Jewish leader in the minds of the rabbis? And what are the limits of how we, as players, imagine a future based on the past(s) we’ve inherited?

Getting started

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How to learn this sugya

Below are resources that will help you and your chevruta dig in! Here are step-by-step instructions for how to learn in the SVARA method.