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Can a person pray in a place of destruction, and what kinds of modes of feeling does prayer give us access to? The text opens up the radical theological idea that God feels grief and despair alongside human beings, and that prayer is a mode that can give voice to grief, both for God and for us. We recommend this text if you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of distance and closeness between human beings and the divine/sacred in hard times. | DOWNLOAD HERE!

This sugya is all about the mysterious moment of revelation – what *really* happened at Mount Sinai? See how the rabbis radically reinterpret this mythic moment and create a new framework for covenant, consent, and obligation.  | DOWNLOAD HERE!


Ready to get your gemara on with your chevruta & looking for something to learn?! We’ve got just the thing for you! Check out a packet here with a marked-off daf (page of Talmud), a Hint Sheet, and lots of other goodies to help you on your traditionally radical way!



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