Shelter in the Storm

A colorful, cloudy sky stretches over a dark landscape. There is a pool of water in the foreground that reflects the pink, purple, and blue of the sky. A large evergreen tree can be seen. Text over the image reads, "Shelter in the Storm: Jewish & Crip Wisdom for Climate Disruption featuring Dr. Julia Watts Belser and Maria Palacios. Led by Rabbi Elliot Kukla. May 11th from 4-6PM ET / 3-5PM CT / 1-3PM PT." There are two logos at the bottom of the image. One reads, "SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva," with colorful letters and Rashi script. The other logo reads, "Communal Loss Adaptation Project", and has a turquoise drawing of a lit candle.

Shelter in the Storm: Jewish & Crip Wisdom for Climate Disruption

May 11th, 1-3pm PST, 4-6pm EST, Zoom

Featuring Dr. Julia Watts Belser and Maria Palacios
Hosted by Rabbi Elliot Kukla and the Communal Loss Adaptation Project

Please join the Communal Loss Adaptation Project of SVARA: A Traditional Radical Yeshiva for an afternoon of Jewish and Crip Wisdom, in honor of the conclusion of  the “Torah for the End (and Beginning) of the World” class. We will explore ancient Jewish texts on Noah’s ark in dialogue with a contemporary disabled personal story on surviving climate storms,  to explore how we can keep each other safe in climate disruptions, with no one left behind.

Dr. Julia Watts Belser is a rabbi, scholar, and spiritual teacher who works at the intersections of disability studies, queer feminist Jewish ethics, and environmental justice. Maria Palacios is a disability activist, poet,  artist, and author.

The Communal Loss Adaptation Project (CLAP) honors community-wide bereavements such as the losses of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate disruptions. CLAP centers frontline queer, disabled, and BIPOC communities and recognizes the universal human need to be witnessed in grief.

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