Spring 2023

“Thrilling, creative, accessible, queer. Would you believe us if we told you we were describing the Talmud, the foundational work of rabbinic Judaism?”

–  Julie Batz and Noah Westreich, SVARA Teaching Fellows

Learning at SVARA is centered around the spiritual practice of Talmud study, and anyone who knows their alef-bet (Hebrew letters) is able to join in. We serve it up the old-fashioned way, hardcore and traditionally radical.

Enrollment for Spring Zman is OPEN, y’all!

Spring Zman runs from February 13th to May 5th and we can’t WAIT to get back to the bet midrash! You can use the toolbar below to sort through our offerings.


We’ll kick off Spring Zman with a New SVARA-nik Orientation on February 9th, 2023 from 8-10PM ET / 7-9PM CT / 5-7PM PT. This will be a joyous, welcoming space for folks who have never learned with us before!


At the end of our zman, we’ll clap y’all up with a gorgeous and celebratory Siyyum on May 4th from 8-9:30PM ET / 7-8:30PM CT / 5-6:30PM PT.

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About Enrollment, Accessibility, and Tuition


All of SVARA’s programs utilize accessibility protocols and practices outlined here. Questions about access at SVARA? Reach out to us!

Enrollment and Tuition

All courses are “pay-what-you-can,” with a suggested sliding scale. When registering, you can indicate the amount you would like to contribute for tuition, which can be below, on, or above the suggested scale. Our suggested scale is as follows:

  • $175-700 for full semester weekly shiurim

  • $350-1400 for full semester two-day/week shiurim

  • $18-54 per session for drop in workshops and short-form shiurim

Through this enrollment process, we maintain a significant majority of queer- and trans-identifying people in each program, and we prioritize the participation of people of color and people with disabilities. You can find more information about SVARA’s approach for enrollment and tuition here.