Teaching Kollel

Program Overview

SVARA’s Teaching Kollel is a two-year program, consisting of a learning year, followed by a pedagogy year. Both are structured around immersive retreats, Talmud learning faculty mentoring, chevruta study, and peer support for a holistic approach to teacher training. The program components include:

Three retreats each year:

• Fall Retreat (5 days in Chicago, IL)
• Winter Retreat (5 days in Chicago, IL)
• Spring Retreat (5 days in Chicago, IL)

Weekly chevruta learning of SVARA’s core texts

Weekly online shiur with the whole cohort to unpack chevruta learning

Monthly mentorship meetings with a SVARA faculty member

Teaching practicum: During the pedagogy year, Fellows will teach a three-week SVARA-method bet midrash in the fall and a six-week bet midrash in the spring, either independently or in partnership with a local institution, with support and coaching from SVARA Faculty throughout

Ideal Applicants

• have a commitment to Talmud study as a spiritual practice
• are invested in creating transformative and empowering learning experiences
• are experienced teachers with a strong facilitation skills
• are familiar with SVARA’s unique queer, critical approach to Talmud study and pedagogy and have experience learning in a SVARA bet midrash
• have extensive exposure to and experience learning rabbinic literature in the original
• identify as queer

Application Details

We will be accepting applications for Cohort 3 (Fall 2020-Spring 2022) in December. Questions?! Write to Laynie!

SVARA Teaching Fellows

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