Meet the SVARA Team

All of us on team SVARA are here to support your journey in the Kollel in different ways. The team that will be most directly leading y’all through this adventure is:

Program Director: Laynie Soloman, SVARA’s Associate Rosh Yeshiva. Laynie’s here for whatever you need! You can grab a time with them anytime here.

Faculty Team: These folks are here to help you, guide you, support you, teach you, learn from you along your Kollel journey! They’ll be running shiurim, teaching workshops, and beyond. The Kollel Faculty Team is comprised of: Laynie Soloman, Benay Lappe, Mónica Gomery, and Julie Batz. We’ll also be joined in various zmanim by a Fairy/TA (Amir Weg for Cohort 3, Frankie Sandmel for Cohort 4).

Faculty Mentors: You’ll each get paired with a Faculty Mentor who will meet with you regularly (4-6 times in Year 1, and monthly in Year 2) to unpack what you’re noticing in your learning and teaching throughout the Kollel. Faculty Mentors are: Becky Silverstein, Bronwen Mullin, Dev Noily, Julie Batz, Jhos Singer, Mónica Gomery. Learn more about Mentorship here!

Kollel Support Team: These folks are here to make sure that you have the materials that you need to learn, teach, thrive! They are: Amir Weg (ask Amir about resources, materials, and portals as you’re learning & teaching), Olivia Devorah Tucker (ask Olivia about accessibility/access needs, packages, Zoom things), and Ellie Spitz (ask Ellie about microgrants in your Pedagogy Year).